Saturday, January 12, 2019


Hello everyone,

Another week has trickled through the hour glass!

I'm still in limbo land! A head full of dreams and plans, and a body that's just not letting me!

Seeing as I've started to tell you about my health, I best keep you updated, but I'm certainly not going to make it the focus of my blog!

My symptoms have remained the same, in fact on Wednesday the day I saw the Doctor I was as bad as I've ever been, I walked in like an old woman because I'd had to sit in the waiting room for an hour and became stiff and achy.  I think it did the Doctor good to see me like that, because every other time I've seen her it's been on a good day!

Anyway the bloods have eliminated many things.  It's not menopause, it's not a thyroid issue and it's not anemia.

The only abnormal bloods were low "complement studies" I'd never heard of these before, but they could indicate a range of things.  The main outcome is I've been referred to a specialist physician for opinion/diagnosis.  So we will see what he comes up with.

I'm almost two weeks into trialling wheat free, and at this stage I'm not seeing any improvement or change in my symptoms, I suppose it may be too early to tell, so I will persist.  What has been surprising is the amount of wheat in food!  Wheat is turning up in things I never expected to see it in, like liquorice for example! 

I thought about borrowing wheat free cook books from the library, but we have an excellent op-shop here, which almost specializes in books, I picked up these 4 books for $15

All is not lost on this seemingly unproductive week at home.  I have picked up my cross stitch again, after a long absence.  It's nice to sit in the cool of the house and stitch away, I'd love to finish my cross stitch this year.

I've also been mulling over what I want to achieve this year, and I've come up with a list.  I'm going to print it out and stick it to the study wall to remind me every day to chip away at them, and I'm going to put it here, on my blog, so I can read over it at the end of the year, and see what I've achieved (or not achieved as the case may be)

So here it is...


(In no particular order)

  • Set up/experiment with wicking pots/containers
  • Continue to plant out/maintain the Orchard
  • Finish my cross stitch
  • Revamp the pantry with glass storage containers
  • Create an Uluru photo book (from our trip 3 years ago!!)🤔
  • Create a photo book for mum from Christmas visit
  • Declutter and Organize the study 🙄 
  • Make more pickles/preserves/jams
  • Keep working on my recipe folder (rid myself of excess recipes)
  • Commit to my one second a day app (going well so far, I want to see a whole year's worth by the end of the year, I got slack with it last year!)
  • Host more people over for meals, BBQ's etc
  • Keep a gift list when hints/ideas hit, and buy all year long (not in December like I usually do!)
  • Bless others more with my actions and words
  • Teach the kids how to cook and more home skills
It seems like a lot when I see it printed out in black and white like that, but I can see already that it will give me focus.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will leave you with a photo of the painting my 16 year old daughter did as a gift for my mum while she was visiting.  Isn't it beautiful, it just brightens my day, and makes me smile, what a talent she is developing.

Cheers Cheryl


  1. Sorry you haven't found out the cause of your illness yet it must be very frustrating. I'm sure they checked for glandular fever? My SIL had it for about a year..she is GF as well but no energy at all and in the end she had to resort to Chinese medicine of herbs. The painting your daughter did was amazing and I'm sure your Mother appreciated it. Good to see your photo book is there as one of your goals...remember to break that down to [1] go through Trip Day 1 photos and pick ones you want to potential use and/or delete blurry and double up photos [2] go through Trip Day 2 photos 1 hr a day for 2 weeks or however long your trip took and that's the bulk of the work then the fun part comes with putting it into a book. How do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time. My Project 52 photo book is the next book I will be printing probably in about 2 weeks. One photo of each of the kids per week and then at the back of the book ones of the 3 of us. All the photos are in the templates and half the year is uploaded in the book I just need to set aside an afternoon to double check spelling etc. and load the last pages in and wait for a Blurb discount which come every couple of weeks. I'm right into the decluttering this week [Marie Kondo style] so the photo book is on the back burner at the moment. I was going to do the 1 sec a day app this year but haven't really started however I'm still going to pick it up and start. Remember you can delete the videos off your phone once they are in the app to save space on your phone. Have a good week.

  2. Thanks Kathy YOU are my inspiration for this project, I haven’t forgotten your advice, and I intend to use it!

    I watched a couple of episodes of that Marie Kondo show on Netflix, isn’t she adorable! It’s motivated me to want to declutter too, but I have no energy for it yet.

    Do continue with the one second a day, did you see Fiona’s year from stay home instead blog, what a great way to preserve the memories.

    I know you will get back to your photo book, you are very diligent with you photos I find it very motivating 😊

  3. I do hope they figure out what is going on with your health and you are able to happily and with much energy return to your "things to do" list, my friend.


  4. Hello Cheryl,
    I have been following your blog for a while now but haven't left a comment yet. I thought I would say hello today. I found your blog through either the Down to Earth or Stay Home Instead blogs.
    I hope your health improves soon. I can understand your frustration as I too, have a couple of health issues that restrict what I can do in the garden. Taking care of our fruit trees and vegetable garden is what I enjoy doing most but some tasks are just too hard.
    Cheryl, along with the blogs we follow, we seem to have quite a few interests in common.
    I enjoyed reading about you setting up your orchard and look forward to future posts with orchard updates.
    We live on a block of approx 1/4 acre about 6km from the Adelaide CBD. It has taken us about 15 years to establish our orchard.
    We have quince, mandarin, nectarine, pomegranate, avocado, apricot, 3 plum and 4 varieties of apple trees in our front garden. In the back garden we have blood orange, navel orange, kaffir lime, Tahitian lime, bay, mulberry, peach, loquat, cherry, olive, dragon fruit, 3 fig, 3 lemon, 2 pear, 2 feijoa and 2 prickly pears.
    There's always some watering, feeding, pruning or netting to do with the fruit trees. In terms of taste it's all worth it as there's nothing better than home grown fruit.
    Your daughter's painting is just stunning. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift for her grandma. She is indeed talented.
    Hoping that you can get on with your list soon and start ticking off some tasks.
    Best wishes,
    Maria from Adelaide.

    1. Thank you so much Maria, and thank you for commenting, it's lovely to 'meet' you.
      I can only dream about such an orchard as yours at this steps for me. I think gardening in Adelaide comes with many more challenges from what I've read from other bloggers who live down that way.
      I don't know if you've heard of the surname Pfeiffer , but that's my maiden name, there are a lot of Pfeiffer's in Adelaide, my Grandfather is buried there somewhere (not in Adelaide itself, a town in SA somewhere)
      Have a lovely weekend

      Cheers Cheryl

  5. I hope they can figure out what is ailing you so that you can get treatment and start feeling better soon. Your daughter is a talented artist. Loved your list of intentions.

    1. Thanks Debi, I too look forward to some answers. I'm having what I now consider to be a 'good day' today, but even saying that I still managed to muck up a couple of things because of a 'dodgy/foggy' brain! LOL!

  6. Hi there Cheryl,

    So sorry to hear that your health issues are continuing and I hope the specialists can find an answer for you. It must be a frustrating time for you not knowing what is going on.

    My health has improved no end with my change of eating. And hubby's cholesterol plummeted from 9.0 to 4.8 on the same diet, so we are doing something right. It did take six months though, and he is determined not to go back.

    Your list sounds great. I like the sound of the one second a day :)

    Good luck with it all, health-wise and through 2019.


    1. Thanks Tania,

      I was blown away when I read about your husbands cholesterol, I've been following his progress for some time with great interest, as my husband too has super high cholesterol (around the eights) I read out that blog post to hubby, he was surprised too, in fact he has joined me on my no wheat trial, I just don't know if either of us could commit to a vegan diet despite the marvellous results.

      I love the one second a day app, I'm really determined to do it this year, I can see the treasure it will be even before I finish it, what a way to preserve memories.

      Have a lovely weekend Tania

      Cheers Cheryl

  7. That's a thought provoking list... maybe I should make one too. Your daughter has a real talent doesn't she. Perhaps she could draw something pretty on fabric and you could embroider on top to make a wall hanging. A joint piece of work that you would both love.

    1. We've entertained the idea of 'going into business' with a market stall, with her doing paintings, and me selling preserves...hasn't happened yet, but you never know.

  8. that is a good list, i don't do them, they scare me too much & then I don't do anything lol
    your health sounds pretty bad; I had a few problems in 2016 I looked up the symptoms in Mr Google & came up with a range of diagnostics, i settled for the lack of vitamin Bs as my diet in that area was pretty low, the 2 items I knew that could give some back was mushrooms & Vegemite, so I started having Vegemite on my toast with my eggs in the mornings & adding mushrooms to most of my cooked meals. I have also started eating red meat again when i can get it (it's very expensive here) I try to have some at least once a fortnight. I replaced regular bread with sourdough, that seems to help my wheat intolerance I seemed to get & replacing regular flour with spelt flour, it doesn't make me bloat. they put wheat & dairy in a lot of foods as 'filler' to bulk it out so you think you're getting more.
    sorry for the long comment, hope you find out what is going on health wise soon, nothing worse than feeling awful 24/7
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina. I've been wondering about spelt flour as an alternative to regular flour, glad to hear some feedback on that. I am a big believer in food as medicine, but it's also a fine line between what I should try, and what I know I will stick to. So far going wheat free has been easy for me, which helps a lot in sticking to it. Just need to give it more time to see if it helps.

  9. Sorry to hear you're not well Cheryl. My first thought was to give up wheat, and then I nodded to myself when I read that you have (wisely)done so. I can attest that giving up wheat has helped me beyond measure, and during the first month I gave up all grains plus sugar. As you know, wheat causes inflammation and many illnesses disappear when it is no longer consumed. My naturopath set me the challenge of eating approx 6 cups of veges per day, so that means veges for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to have the mindset that the diet you set out on may seem restrictive, but it need NOT be a forever way of eating. Now I allow a bread treat once a week, and have also added rice into my diet so I don't feel at all deprived. Aldi have well priced gluten free pasta which is delicious and a real life saver, also GF bread. I didn't go much on the GF cake I made from GF flour but the flat breads I make are great. Your daughter has a real talent as a painter, and no wonder the sight of this beautiful piece of art lifts your heart. XX Sally

    1. Thanks Sally, I like hearing from people who have had success going wheat free, and there are so many of them!
      I still can't say that I have noticed any difference off the wheat, but I'll see. I haven't found it restrictive at all, but then I am eating rice still, so that helps. Thanks for the Aldi tip, I will check it out.

  10. Hello there, Cheryl. Just catching up with my favourite blogs now. I sympathise with how you are feeling. It's frustrating when illness and/or exhaustion stall our plans! I am feeling this way too, the injection for my shoulder bursitis hasn't worked,and I am sooo over it! A live blood analysis my naturopath did showed a pattern with my red blood cells that signals inflammation running riot in my body. My red blood cells were all strung together like strands of fruit loops!! So, I am working on eliminating and managing sources of inflammation for me. I usually avoid wheat as I worked out years ago that it can cause stomach cramps and bloating. I tolerate spelt better. I, like Sally, make sure I eat loads of veg and always at breakfast too because it is so nutritious to have that instead of wheat laden cereal. I find quinoa is great to add to salads, very nutritious, gluten free and protein rich too. I do so hope you feel better soon and that energy returns. MegXx

    1. Hi Meg, I’ve been wondering where you were! So awful to hear that your still getting pain, it just makes everything miserable, especially after all this time. I’m trying lots of new things to try and aid my body, haven’t struck the magic cure yet, but every thing is worth a try.

    2. “You’re” I hate the misuse of that word, that was a typo 😁

  11. Hi Cheryl - wow that's some list considering you're feeling under the weather, so I hope something works for you soon. I like the idea of a gift list - it's so easy to forget those ideas that pop up during the year. Your daughter's painting is really sweet - I hope she keeps at it. Best wishes for 2019!

    1. Hi Anne, it takes very little energy to write a list, the execution on it may present a challenge LOL
      Best wishes for you in the coming year to.